Child Problems

I thought I could make it official that my child was a real child once he was potty trained. And he was. Really. Then something went wrong.

He’s started acting like it never even happened. I felt like crying. If you know what potty training regression is, you can understand my pain. It feels like all that work was for nothing.

I’m sure this will change and I’m overreacting. This is just temporary.

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I miss my little nephew

I have a nephew that I just adore. He’s the most awesome little boy and the way he behaves and the way he talks just makes me love him more and more. He’s been living with us for some time now. To tell the truth, most of his life.

His father lives with us and he’s been with his father. His mother is more of a hit or miss type of person. She’s been on drugs on and off and she barely sees him.

His mother took him two days ago. She has that right but I still miss him desperatly. I’m so worried about him not having enough to eat. Or if he’s warm. I’ve been giving myself headaches worring about him these last couple of days.

I know she doesn’t have hot water at her house and I’m worried about how he’s getting bathed. She has the right to have him. But I’m hoping she’ll come back to his father soon. I really miss him :(

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So Much To Do

I haven’t posted for a while. The mom job is starting to get a little rough this time of year :) But I’m so blessed to be a mom and I’m so blessed to have my child.

This time of year really makes you realize just what it is you have to feel good about it :)

I could count my blessings, but of course it would take me all day and you’d be so bored reading about it all that you’d go to someone else’s blog :)

One thing that I’m really proud of is my girl and her potty training. She’s almost got it. I’m soooo proud of that too :)

No more diaper changing :)

I surely hope you feel as good as I do :)

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Some basic facts about my life

I’m a fultime mom and also a part time photographer at a local portrait studio. My favorite thing is waking up with my little daughter and listen to her sweet little voice telling me she loves me.

We get up most morningsand have a little breakfast then she does her best to help me with washing out clothes and doing some cleaning around the house She’s such a helpful little girl and I’m proud that she likes to contribute even when she doesn’t have to.

Being able to spend time with her and watching her change means so much to me. I don’t get to spend as much time with her as I want to to but I still get to spend a good bit of time with her every day.

Since I work part time as a photographer I get to meet lots of interesting people every day. Today I met a group of siblings and their spouses that were so fun to work with.

Most people think of getting their picture taken as a chore that has to be done, but not these these guys. They came in with the best frame of mind possible and had the most fun coming up with these silly little poses to do.

I love working with people who try to make having their portrait taken fun instead of acting like they are in front of a firing squad.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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